A sustainable crianza wine




El Coto Crianza Organic 2019 has been made from organically produced grapes, using ancestral, environmentally friendly practices, but without the use of synthetic chemical products. The alcoholic fermentation occurred at a moderate temperature, with gentle extractions of polyphenolic compounds. Following this process, the wine was then aged in 225-litre American oak barrels in our winery for a minimum of 12 months.

As such, we can confidently state that it is a wine produced in a sustainable manner from start to finish. The entire winemaking process has been performed in entirely independent facilities. From the transport of the grapes to the winery, through the winemaking process, its ageing and subsequent resting in the bottle have been carried out in separate facilities from the rest of the winery’s wines. All of these processes have been certified pursuant to European organic standards.


The capsule that covers the bottle’s cork is made of organic-based polyethylene and the inks are acrylic-based, thereby making them more environmentally friendly. El Coto Organic bottles are also lighter, weighing only 365 grams. This means that the energy used in their production is considerably reduced and the carbon footprint of their transport is smaller.

The labels are made from paper produced using 15% citrus pulp and 40% recycled paper. The cardboard of the boxes is also PEFC and FSC certified, which guarantee the origin of the forest raw material (seed/plant) and the sustainable management of the forest. Lastly, the inks used in the cartonboard are water-based, in other words, they do not use hazardous substances or additives that are harmful to the environment.


This ruby-red Tempranillo red wine offers a vibrant acidity on the palate, with polished and pleasant tannins. On the nose, there are notes of red fruit, combined with balsamic aromas. It also lingers on the palate.


Our organic crianza wine is a great accompaniment to rice dishes, stews and cheese and charcuterie platters. The recommended serving temperature is between 16 and 18 ºC (60.8–64.4 ºF).