A wine for every occasion

Share, enjoy, live

Wines for celebrating

Wine is for enjoying, for celebrating. But it’s also about seeing it being born in the vineyard, working on each vine, sharing arduous work days during harvest and, of course, waiting patiently for it during aging. But above all wine is… for living.

Flecha blanca

At the height of your best moments

A wine for great memories

gente brindando

A brief moment can turn into something unforgettable. From El Coto de Rioja we want to be part of those moments that you will remember forever. Small details for big occasions. Wine is to share, to enjoy, to celebrate. But each moment is unique.

It can be an everyday moment or an exceptional event, a meeting, a meeting or a farewell. And all our effort, all that El Coto de Rioja wants, is to offer you a wine that is at the height of each of those unforgettable moments.

Rioja leader concept

Overcoming symbol

viñedos y bodega coto

El Coto is the favorite Rioja wine. The first choice, the one that never fails. But above all, the Coto de Rioja is a wine that is available to everyone. For its excellent quality / price ratio, for its international diffusion and because since our inception that has been our main concern.

The passion with which we do our work daily seeks, in addition to excellence and the highest quality, to be able to offer our wines to as many people as possible. As simple as that.

El Coto de Rioja is the meeting point for all wine lovers