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No ideas for what to do on a winter evening? 

The cold and the bad weather, as well as the January slump, often mean we want to stay in. That’s why we want to give you some ideas for some things you can do from the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank, and with a nice glass of wine in hand. Take notes!

Una copa de vino sobre la mesa con un bol de palomitas. Un plan para una tarde de invierno en casa.


There’s a good reason why this idea is in the number one spot. We want you to enjoy a good film, one we know you're going to love: A Good Year directed by Ridley Scott. The film is about a successful English trader who goes back to the vineyard where he spent his childhood summers, and it makes us think about what really matters in life. It’s an inspirational romantic comedy about how loving and working the earth and wine help to change the fates of the main characters.

For a moment like this, we recommend a our high-flying 875 M wine, a young wine that's both fresh and intense, with strong hits of red fruit, cocoa and mocha, which is just perfect for a relaxing and slow-paced evening when you can enjoy every last sip.


If you're looking for a winter idea for spending time with friends, how about an evening of games and wine? There are thousands upon thousands of thrilling card games and board games for spending a lovely evening in great company. Pick the one you like best and pair it with a smooth and enjoyable wine such as a rosé!

For a moment like this, we recommend our El Coto Rosado. A fresh, refreshing and playful wine. This rosé is made with grenache noir and tempranillo grapes, making it the perfect match for nibbles. What’s more, we’ve also got the new 2021 vintage. So, while you're having a grand old time with your friends, this wine will definitely be the best thing to go with your evening. We would recommend enjoying this wine at temperatures between 7 and 8 ºC.

Cena romántica en casa con dos copas de vino


Pump some flavour and colour into your relationship with a romantic date at home and some good wine!

Winter has the perfect temperatures for pampering your other half. Prepare a meal that your partner will love, such as a pork sirloin with a forest fruits sauce. To go with this dish, we recommend our Coto de Imaz Gran Reserva, a mature and elegant wine that goes perfectly with a romantic candle-lit evening. Remember: the right temperature for serving is between 16 and 18 ºC.

What wine would you choose for winter?


If you love reading, here’s an idea that’s just perfect for you: the graphic novel The Initiates by Étienne Davodeau and a bottle of El Coto Semidulce, of which we now have the new 2021 vintage. What’s more, it's available on our online store again, after being sold out for a few months. Everyone just loves this wine.

The novel is a must for all wine lovers. It will really awaken your passion for the world of vineyards. The main characters are a comic book author who doesn’t know anything about wine, and a vintner who has never read a comic in his life. Both characters come to understand each other in a way that will teach your really interesting things about wine. What’s more, it has a pleasant and leisurely pace, which will really help you relax on your sofa.

 El Coto Semidulce is a white chardonnay that will make the experience all the more enjoyable. Its aromas of pineapple and citrus fruits make it the perfect pairing for nibbles such as cheese and fruits.

Una joven leyendo un libro con una copa de vino en la mano cerca de la chimenea
Una mesa de cocina llena de comida y una copa de vino blanco


Wine can also be the star ingredient in one of your favourite dishes. Red wine gives food a special colour, and they're perfect if you want to make a tomato sauce to go with red meat.

In terms of white wine, it gives the some gastronomic creations a specific sour flare. You can use it to season cream sauces, white meat, fish and seafood.

When it comes to making your choice, you need a good quality wine, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. 

What’s more, you can enjoy your wine while you cook. Pour yourself a glass of El Coto Crianza while you whip up dinner and pop on some music to go with it! We know you’ll have a great time of it, and you might start loving cookery if it’s not really your thing. 

Enjoy a wine at home while the winter goes by. But that doesn't mean it has to involve boredom, stress or doldrums.  If you want to learn more about wine, our blog has loads more tips and pairing ideas. Take a look at: 

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