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Which Wines to Buy for a Barbecue

When the weather’s good, there’s almost nothing better than having a barbecue out in the sun. With your friends or family and a nice glass of wine! Don't forget to take a look at our wine recommendations that go great with some flame grilling. 

Most people associate barbecues and flame-grilled food with beer, but did you know that wine is also a great option?

We’ll help you work out where to get started when it comes to pairing wine with a BBQ. What’s the best wine to pair with flame-grilled meat? What about white wine? We're going to talk about barbecues and wine pairings!

Qué vinos comprar para una barbacoa

Pork Ribs with Coto de Imaz Reserva Blanco

First things first, we need to bust the myth that pork pairs better with red wine. Change up the traditional pairing and enjoy some pork ribs with a cool glass of Chardonnay. This is one of the most popular grape varieties in the world.  

We recommend Coto de Imaz Reserva Blanco. It brings smoothness and aromatic complexity with notes of honey and vanilla aromas, while still respecting its fruity and floral aromas. Even though it's not normally the done thing to pair white wine with red meat, this wine goes great with game, red meat and beef dishes.

Are you more old-school and want to pair your pork ribs with a red wine? In that case, you should do it with a red wine like 875 m Tempranillo de Altura. It’s an intense yet fresh wine that pairs perfectly with meat, like a good flame-grilled rib steak. It’s also great with charcuterie and hard cheeses for your nibbles while the meat is cooking!

Qué vinos comprar para una barbacoa

Beef with El Coto Crianza

A flame-grilled beef entrecôte is one of those dishes that makes your mouth water whenever you think of it. The pairing for this type of meat should be a robust wine with a good structure. The tannins and acidity of the wine cut through the fats and proteins which, in turn, softens the perception of the tannins.

The star of the table for a beef barbecue just has to be El Coto Crianza. A versatile wine that’s easy to pair with any kind of meat. Of course, if we want our meat medium to rare, we could also enjoy a red such as 875 m Tempranillo.

Qué vinos comprar para una barbacoa

Chicken and 875 m Chardonnay

One of the most commonly used meats for barbecues is chicken. The fact that it is versatile, light and easy to prepare means that it is well suited to chilled white wines. When cooked over a flame, chicken gets even tastier, and we want to pair it with a wine with softer aromas and also with fruity and floral notes. 

Pour out a glass of 875 m Chardonnay, at around 10-12ºC to go with your chicken. The intensity of the wine goes hand-in-hand with the food. That’s why it’s better to use a less intense wine than a red when pairing it with chicken.

Qué vinos comprar para una barbacoa

Barbecued Fish with El Coto Blanco

Even though barbecues are normally meat feasts, some people prefer to see in the warmer months with friends and some flame-grilled fish; in Spain, it’s traditional to enjoy sardines for the San Juan festivities (24th of June). 

For pairing with fish or seafood, white wine is always a fail-safe option. As such, El Coto Blanco is a sure bet to go with barbecued salmon or sardines. This wine goes down very easily and is very fresh on the palate. Its citric and white-fruit aromas are the perfect match for fish.

Qué vinos comprar para una barbacoa

Flame-Grilled Vegetables with El Coto Rosado

Flame-grilled vegetables are the perfect side dish when you’re having a barbecue. Whether it’s meat or fish, you also need a variety of vegetables to enjoy with your meal.

What’s the best wine for pairing with vegetables? We’ve got the answer! You just have to have a glass of rosé at your table, such as El Coto Rosado. With aromas of fresh strawberries and caramel, this is a refreshing wine that, along side these dishes, creates the perfect blend of savoury and sweet in your mouth. It also goes great with nibbles and salads.

So, now you know which wine to buy for a barbecue. The only thing left to do is to message a good group of friends and enjoy!

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