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Are you a gourmet with a bit of a penchant for pizza? We just had to do celebrate World Pizza Day, so today we want to give you some perfect wine recommendations for pairing with pizza. Find out what kind of wine goes with pizza! 

pizza pepperoni con vino


There’s a knack to picking the right wine to go with a pizza: going for one that will bring out the flavour of the ingredients without masking them with the taste of the wine. That’s why the first thing you need to know before picking the wine is what kind of pizza you want to pair with it and what ingredients it has.  

If the star ingredient of your pizza is beef, chicken or bacon, the best port of call would be a young red wine. These wines are light and easy on the palate, but also very aromatic. Our 875 m Tinto wine, made with tempranillo grapes is a fresh wine with delicate notes of cherries and other fruits, which goes great with red meat and charcuterie.  

Otherwise, if the flavours of your classic pizza include pepperoni or Serrano ham, the best idea would be to go with a Crianza red wine, with stronger aromas and body. El Coto Selección Viñedos Crianza is a well-balanced wine packed with flavour and lingering fruity notes.  



We all get hungry when we hear the word pizza. It’s the food of the gods, but also a very simple dish that just gets better if you pair it with a good wine. It just goes to show that pizza is a really versatile dish, and also that wine was made to go with overly fancy or pompous dishes. 


These pizzas have huge flavour potential, so the wines we recommend for pairing with pizzas of this kind are white wines with a certain vintage. Try it out with our Coto de Imaz Reserva Blanco or our 875m Fermentado en Barrica Chardonnay! What’s more, they even go well with wines with a little fizz.



The polar opposite of meaty pizzas. This kind of pizza normally has lighter flavours and is easier on the stomach. The most common ones normally include ingredients such as spinach or mushroom, while others feature courgette or peppers. Pair these pizzas with our El Coto Blanco Verdejo, which has intense aromas of tropical fruits.

Vinos para maridar con pizza


There’s one pizza that really paved the way for the rest of them, the most traditional of all. Of course, we mean the margarita, which is just a blend of a tomato-based sauce, mozzarella, basic, oregano and olive oil. When it comes to picking out a wine, we need to think of one that can balance out the acidity of the tomato with the cheese and olive oil.  

We recommend pairing this type of pizza with a rosé wine or a cava. El Coto Selección Viñedos Rosado, made with Tempranillo and Grenache, is delicate, fresh and moreish. It’s easy to drink and enjoy. A napolitana pizza would also go great with this wine.  

Napolitana pizzas have a different base, they’re soft and doughy with a thicker crust, and they also feature anchovies and capers as their star ingredients. A rosé without many woody notes would balance out the saltiness of the anchovies. 


What do you think of our tips? On our blog there are many more for pairing with your food. Why not take a look at this article on pairing wine and dessert?   

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