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We present you The Coto Masterclass

The Coto Masterclass arises from the interest that a part of consumers have in knowing more about the world of wine. But, often, this desire turns into frustration, or worse, into withdrawal, since the content available is often excessively technical.

To make it easier for the consumer to get started in the world of wine, we have created El Coto Masterclass. This project, in its initial phase, consists of 11 1-minute chapters in which the tasting process is explained in a close and different way and how, through each phase, to differentiate a wine.

The contents will be accessible in:



We hope that this initiative will allow us to connect with new consumers, and in this way, transmit to them the values ​​that have made El Coto de Rioja the leading winery in the D.O.Ca Rioja.