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“Manos”, The series that shows how it is made in the Coto de Rioja

At the Coto de Rioja we are passionate about what we do, that's why, and because we believe that the more we know about something, the more we can enjoy it, we decided to launch “Manos”, a new project in which you can follow the laborious natural and artisan work that begins in the vineyard in January, when the vines begin their vegetative cycle, which ends in the winery, with the bottling of the wine.

We want you to meet the people who put all their enthusiasm and effort into each process that is carried out so that it results in the final quality of the wine, and that you see the path that our wines travel until they are ready for your glass, a task that depends on of its kind, can last between one and five years

Thus, through a series of chapters lasting a maximum of 3 minutes, the wine will narrate in first person the different processes that the artisans of El Coto carry out to ensure that it reaches its highest quality.

Here you can see the first chapter, "Hands that prune", in which we tell the beginning of the life cycle of wine with pruning, one of the oldest activities in its production, which is carried out only with artisan scissors. in the middle of the winter.

We hope you like it.