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How to pair rosé wine with any dish

Did you know that rosé wine can be paired perfectly with a whole range of different dishes? Don’t restrict your options to just red and white wine! Increase your range of options and discover the charm of adding rosé wine to your meals. Today, on the El Coto de Rioja blog, we reveal the best tips for pairing rosé wine 

Let’s go! 

Maridar pasta con vino rosado


Pairing wine and pasta usually depends on the sauce or ingredients used in the dish. However, rosé wine is always a hit.  

Please note that, for all the examples we are going to give you, it is important to differentiate between lighter rosés and more full-bodied wines. For example, for seafood pasta dishes, we would recommend a lighter and drier option.  

Although pasta dishes with tomato sauce or meat are usually paired with red wine, here you can choose a fruity rosé instead. 

Salads and vegetables

The most important thing when pairing rosé wine with salads is to pay special attention to the dressing. We recommend reducing dressings like lemon or vinegar, and they could give you too much of a bitter contrast.  

When your salad ingredients are a little more on the fruity side, we recommend pairing them with a drier rosé wine. You'll love a sour touch on your palate. 

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Cheese is another food that, when paired with the right wine, can be a culinary delight. As there are endless varieties of cheeses, you should keep the specific flavour in mind when choosing a good wine. This means choosing the wine based on how the cheese has been cured.  

It is very common to pair strong cheeses, like blue cheese, with young red wines to compensate for their intense flavour. But if you want to pair your cheese with a rosé, we recommend choosing goat cheese, or other creamy varieties such as camembert or brie. 

Nuts, olives and pickles

When pairing wine with nuts, olives and pickles (and similar pickled nibbles) it is best to lean towards smooth wines to create a pleasing contrast with their bitter, salty flavours. Rosé wines are the perfect choice! 

Maridar queso con vino rosado
Maridar sushi con vino rosado


Did you know that one of the best pairings for sushi is rosé wine? This delicious Japanese dish allows spectacular contrasts on your palate.  

White wines are another great option in these cases. However, the truth is that the seaweed that characterises this Japanese delicacy goes much better with the taste of a good rosé. So, if you are ordering niguiris or makis, don't hesitate to pair them with your favourite rosé. You’ll be surprised! 


As we have shown you so far, in this article on how to pair rosé wine we have dismantled some myths about wine pairing. Meat is our next goal.  

Meat is usually accompanied by red wines, but it can actually be paired with both white and rosé wines. Find out how to do it! 

In the previous sections we have seen that the perfect wine pairing depends on the main ingredient. In the case of meat dishes, they can be paired with a rosé when it comes to white meat, such as chicken, when served without sauce, with a smooth wine.  

For red meat, you can choose a rosé that is a little more powerful. For example, rosé wine is ideal with grilled or roasted meat. Meat with a richer flavour, such as game birds, should certainly be accompanied by a red wine.  

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As part of the wine selection by El Coto de Rioja, our rosés are made with Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes 

On the one hand, we have El Coto Rosado, which stands out for its pale colour. On the nose, its aroma is sweet, with a mix of strawberries and caramel. However, it surprises on the palate as it is fresh and easy to drink. It is an excellent option to pair with appetisers, salads and Asian cuisine.  

On the other hand, we have El Coto Selección Viñedos, which stands out for its mixture of forest fruits with ripe cherries. We recommend this wine to accompany rice, pasta, fish and seafood.  

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Remember that, if you want to make the most out of any wine, and any grape variety, you must take care how you serve it. One of the most important aspects is the temperature you serve it at.

What is the best temperature for rosé wine? Here is a reminder of the perfect serving temperature for each wine:  

Wine serving temperature
Vino rosado El Coto de Rioja

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