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Simple tips for getting into red wine

Interested in the world of wine but don’t know where to start? Have you ventured into whites but don’t dare drink reds? These tips will help you discover how to get into drinking red wine. A fun, easy way to educate your palate. A sure success! 

Vinos tintos para principiantes

3 keys for getting started with wine

Although there aren’t really any wines for beginners, we can voice a few unwritten rules for those without any experience with this alcoholic beverage to make your initiation very gradual and pleasant.  

Which wine to choose

It’s very common that people unaccustomed to drinking wine don’t know the characteristics of each type and, therefore, don’t know where to start. So, it’s best to get advice from expert sources, like this blog, and to do a bit of research on the specifics of each wine or grape variety. This will give you a general idea of the range of possibilities out there.  

Start with light, sweet wines

In general, it’s best to start drinking lighter, fresher, softer wines. Astringency or complexity in a wine can be too much for first-timers. So, it’s best to go for “easy drinkers”, like whites and rosés.  

Ones with sweet, fruity notes (like the El Coto Blanco or El Coto Semidulce), with Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, tend to be a sure thing. 

Don’t only look at the price

When choosing a good wine, price isn’t the only factor to consider. There are other ways to judge wine quality beyond just the price tag. Our tip is to always opt for ones with quality seals, like the DOs

All of our wines have the DOCa Rioja seal

Tips for drinking red wine

Starting to drink red wine isn’t always so easy, especially if you’re not used to their characteristic bitterness and astringency. However, there is also a range of reds and you can choose one that isn’t as ‘aggressive’ so you can discover all its potential gradually. This is what you need to know to get into reds: 

Pay attention to the ageing

The age of the wine (whether red or white) has a direct impact on its flavour. And, since the goal is to go from less to more complex or intense, the most feasible is to start with young or Crianza wines. Why? Simply because they are lighter wines, fresher and less full-bodied, so they’re easier to drink if you’re inexperienced. Careful! Don’t confuse age with quality. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive.  

Choose the right variety of red grapes

Like we mentioned some white varieties, there are grapes that are better when starting to drink red wine. For example, of all the red varieties, we recommend Tempranillo grapes. This variety is used to make light, low-acidity, hugely aromatic wines like the El Coto Crianza. So you will also find them fascinating on the nose. Whenever you can, go for the fruitier choices. 

Looking for a Tempranillo? Check out all our options!
Cómo iniciarse en tintos
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Enjoy your glass of wine with a meal

Just drinking a whole glass of red wine can often be a bit much. So, one of the best options for making the experience more pleasant, and even enhancing it, is to pair the wine with food. Because, with the right dish, drinking wine is simpler and more enjoyable.  

Since you’ll be starting off with a fruity red, you can pair it with some snacks like mild cheese. If you want to have it with a meal, try pasta or white meat. 

Pay attention to temperature

Don’t trust everything you hear. All wines aren’t served at the same temperature and not all reds should be had at room temperature. Forget those urban legends! To know the right temperature for a red, white or rosé wine, pay attention to its ageing 

This step is important to ensure you don’t miss out on the nuances of the wine. And we mean both the aromas and the taste of the wine itself. Want to know the right temperature for each wine? Keep our post on this topic to hand. Click here to read it now.  

What serving temperature for my wine?

Dare to drink red wine and fall in love with all its nuances. If you want to learn more about wine, don’t miss our El Coto de Rioja blog, with tricks and techniques to enjoy your new favourite beverage.  

Simple tips for ordering wine at a restaurant or bar

And, if you want to buy a red wine, check out our online shop. You can find your perfect wine using our variety and pairing filters. You’re sure to find the perfect fit! 

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