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Father’s Day gifts: surprise him with wine!

Father’s Day is fast approaching! It’s never a bad idea to prepare a little gift. And even more this year, as we haven’t had as much enjoyment as we’d like. A year when hugs and kisses have had to be conveyed with our eyes or on screen. And in many cases, this is still the case.

So, we want to help you bring some joy on this special day, with Father’s Day gifts related to wine. Whether you can spend it together or not, we have all sorts of ideas for you to celebrate the best way possible: with a great toast to the best yet to come! 

Happy Father’s Day.

Idea 1: A surprising wine: our 875 m tinto

Our first idea is to give him a wine that will surely surprise him! And our 875m tinto is one of the most special wines: it is made at our Finca Carbonera estate, the highest altitude vineyard in D.O.Ca Rioja.

And being the highest altitude wine in D.O.Ca Rioja isn’t the only thing that sets it apart: the winemaking process is also special. During alcoholic fermentation, the extraction process is gentle, prioritising the delicate aromatic component of this grape variety. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in the barrel, striving for perfectly integrated tannins. Finally, it is finished by ageing in new American and French oak barrels for 9 months. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’m going to give him 875 m!

Idea 2: A meal in his favourite restaurant (if you can!)

If you’re allowed to go out to eat in your area and feel like spending some time as a family, one of the best Father’s Day gifts can be a good meal at his favourite restaurant, taking all the necessary precautions, of course. You can’t go wrong with a place you know he loves.

Another option would be to surprise him with a restaurant he’s never tried, and have them prepare a good wine pairing to go with this great Father’s Day present. If they can be from D.O.Ca Rioja, and include some of our El Coto wines, even better!

Regalos día del padre con vino
Menú con maridaje día del padre

Idea 3: You cook today! Which wine will you choose?

If you can’t or don’t want to go out, but still want to surprise him, why don’t you be chef for a day! First come up with a menu of dishes you know your dad will love, and don’t be scared to take over the kitchen to surprise him. There no better Father’s Day gift than one made with love!

The next step, after choosing your menu, is to decide which wines to pair it with. Choose at least two or three types, such as El Coto Verdejo, El Coto Crianza or if you want something really special, our Coto Real Reserva.

Plus, our Coto de Imaz Reserva 2015 has just been singled out by the US version of the Robb Report as one of the best D.O.Ca Rioja wines in its price point. And Coto de Imaz Reserva 2016 just got 91 points from Wine Spectator magazine. Have you tried it yet?

Coto de Imaz Reserva is hard to beat

The pairing really depends on your menu choices, so if you want to know how to do it right, don’t miss this article:


Idea 4: If you can’t be together... give him a pack of wines

Even if your dad is far away, or you can’t see each other because of the restrictions in your area, that’s no excuse! One of the best wine gifts for Father’s Day is a pack delivered to him at home by surprise.

That way you can put into action our last plan, each in your own home and following all the rules. Ready for it?

Surprise gift packs for Father’s Day
Packs de vino para regalar día del padre
Regalos día del padre videollamada

Idea 5: Enjoy some wine together on videochat, let’s toast!

As we said, distance isn’t a barrier to feeling close. And this is something we’ve all learned over the past year. Set up a videochat with your dad on his day and open, together but separately, your favourite wine. Spend some time chatting and toast on screen, reliving all those indelible moments that will always be in your memory.

And if you toast with the pack of wines you had delivered to his house, even better!

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