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The best El Coto de Rioja wines for your summer plans

Summer is here, and that means there’s an endless list of plans and events to make the most of it. What do you think about rounding those plans off with a selection of our best summer wines 

You can’t miss this special list that’s suited to all kinds of ideas so that you can have your #WhiteWineSummer! 

Vinos para un día en la playa

For a day at the beach

No summer would be complete without a trip to the coast. You know we love the sea! The waves, the sea breeze and a great atmosphere are the perfect way to get away from it all and enjoy an affordable and fun day out.  

On a beach day, one of your main choices of food will include some seaside dishes, such as fish or seafood. These could be rice dishes, pasta dishes, etc. If that’s the case for you, we recommend that you pair your food with a refreshing rosé or white wine, such as our Coto Verdejo. It’s fine and intense aromas of tropical fruit, fennel and aniseed are sure to impress.  

Remember that, when it’s hot outside, you should drink in moderation and make sure to keep hydrated. That’s why we recommend that, if in doubt, you should always go for a light wine with a low alcohol content 

For a day in the mountains

Some people prefer to swap a day in the sand and sun for the fresh air of the mountain, plunging into nature. And, frankly, it’s amazing! Enjoying the countryside in summer is one of the most popular options, especially since we have some really incredible spots that are well within reach.  

If you ready for a weekend in the mountains, you might be tempted to sample some delicious red meat. Did you know that one of the best wines for this kind of meat is a white wine? Specifically, our Coto de Imaz Reserva Blanco is perfect because of its aromatic complexity (notes of orange blossom and honey with a vanilla aroma) and its smoothness. 

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vino para verano_barbacoa

A barbecue in the garden

A garden is one of the most wonderful things you can have! Summer is the perfect time for making the most of it and bringing your loved ones together in a private open-air space. If you want to be the perfect host or guest, there’s no better choice that a fine, fresh and elegant wine that’s suited to all tastes, even people who are yet to discover the pleasures of a good wine.  

In this case, our Coto Blanco is the ideal candidate, since its white fruit aromas give it a refreshing taste in the mouth with a natural citrus kick. So, it's perfect for white meat, fish or seafood. Who knows? You might be introducing someone to their new favourite drink. 

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Paella with the family

While we’re on the subject of get-togethers with family and friends, there’s nothing better than a sumptuous paella. More often than not, it’s the reason for bringing everyone together. This dish is a sure-fire success, which is why it deserves a wine that rises to the challenge. Speaking of rising up, there’s nothing quite like a dry white wine such as our 875m Chardonnay 

This wine is fermented in uncharred French oak barrels, with the lees stirred back into it (bâtonnage) to keep it perfectly fruity. This wine from a high-up region is ideal for all kinds of rice dishes (especially with fish or seafood) since it’s so smooth.  

vino para verano_paella
vino para verano_libros

A novel

Although we’re passionate about cuisine, there are other ideas and plans for summer that don't necessarily involve food, but there’s always room for a delicious wine.  

For example, this season always given us the chance to go back to life's little pleasures, such as getting lost in a good book. In fact, the holidays are the perfect chance to while away the hours with that novel you’ve been meaning to get round to, and to take a break from real world.  

During this time for intimacy and relaxation, the experience can only get better with the fruity aromas and flavours of a Sauvignon Blanc. So, our recommendation here is our El Coto Selección Viñedos Blanco, a truly special wine that stands out because of its long refreshing after-taste and notable smoothness, an excellent match for your summer reading. 

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A summer cinema evening

One of the best things about summer are those long nights spent outdoors, so the best way to make the most of this is to set up your own outdoor summer cinema. It’s really quite simple. You just need: a projector, a white sheet (or, failing that, a smooth wall), your film of choice and a drink to wash it down! 

But does wine go well with a movie marathon? Of course it does! In this case, the best bet is to go for a Chardonnay, since it goes perfectly with the key ingredient for a film evening: popcorn! 

For example, out of our huge selection of white wines, we recommend our El Coto Semidulce. It's precisely because of its elegant sweetness and vibrant freshness that it’s a great choice to contrast with the flavour of popcorn. Are you willing to give it a go? 

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