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We want to tell you all about our latest product. A wine that it’s made from organically grown grapes that also has packaging made from materials that have been selected according to sustainable criteria.

What is an organic wine?

An organic wine is made out of grapes from vineyards that don’t use any synthetic chemical products. What’s more, to obtain organic certification, the vineyard has to provide proof that it has been using these practices for at least three years.

El Coto Crianza Organic

El Coto Crianza Organic 2019 was created using time-old and eco-friendly practices at the vineyard. The wine-making process took place at our winery in Oyón with certified installations, in accordance with EU organic regulations.

One of the hallmarks of our winery is that all of our red wines are barrel-aged. As such, after the fermentation process, they have been aged in an American oak barrel and subsequently spend various months in the bottle until the optimum time for consumption.

This is what makes El Coto Crianza Organic a versatile wine with an intense ruby-red colour. The nose has aromas of red fruit combined with balsamic notes. In the mouth, we find a vibrant acidity with polished and agreeable tannins. This is the perfect wine for pairing with rice dishes, stews or cheese boards.

El Coto Crianza Ecológico 2019
Etiqueta de El Coto Crianza Ecológico


El Coto de Rioja has been implementing initiatives to reduce its environmental impact for years now, but El Coto Organic takes this one step further. All of the materials used in the packaging are specifically selected using sustainability criteria.

  • The labels are made with paper made out 15% citrus pulp and 40% recycled paper.
  • In making the capsule, we have replaced all petrochemical products with bio-polyethylene.
  • The bottle is one of the lightest on the market, weighing in at 385 grams, which reduces the energy consumption in production and the carbon footprint in shipping.
  • The cardboard used to make the boxes is PEFC and FSC certified, which means that the raw forest materials are certified and come from sustainable forest management.
  • What’s more, all of the inks used are water-based, without dangerous substances or additives that are harmful to the environment.

So, if you’re interested in trying our new El Coto Crianza Organic wine, don’t wait any longer, order it from our online store!

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