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Chapter IV. Hands that stand out and bare

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VINES AND SWORDS IN “HANDS THAT STEP AND SHAKE” The fourth chapter of our series is here: “Hands that tip and strip”. Only a few weeks after the green pruning, in which we saw how our artisans selected the best shoots of each vine, we returned to the vineyard, which looks green and lush again, to continue our work.This time we will see two very important processes : topping and stripping. The first one, topping, is one of the most spectacular that happens in our lands, in which artisans work equipped with swords; and the deniete, which receives this curious name since it consists of eliminating the third generation shoots of each strain. Do you want to know what they do it for? Don’t miss this interesting episode.

Chapter III. Weeding hands

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In the previous chapter of “Hands” we talked to you about how artisans wait for patients during crying and overflowing for the next step to take action, a phase that we present to you on this occasion: green pruning.

With the arrival of June this work is carried out, one of the most important in the life of the vineyard. When the vines look leafy, it is the turn of our artisans, who are in charge of examining each vine and determining which shoots are main and which shoots are secondary, eliminating the latter. This selection will guarantee the quality and quantity of the bunches that the vines produce.

You can see the third chapter “Hands that weed weeding” and the previous ones on our official YouTube channel.

You know, both in the vineyard and in life, you always have to stick with the good!


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At El Coto de Rioja we make our wine with the best of our land and with all the experience and passion of our hands to achieve the most important objective: that you like the result.

And that is what we want to convey to you in our new El Coto Blanco campaign, all those reasons that make you say “It’s good!” when tasting: its freshness, its aromas of white fruit, its subtlety, its flavor, its unique character …

We hope that, like the protagonist of the spot, El Coto Blanco brings you good feelings in every sip and surprises you when you taste it.

Thank you.

Chapter II. Waiting hands

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There are times when the most important tasks a craftsman’s hands can do are to watch and wait patiently. And this is what happens in chapter two of our “Hands” series.

We continue our long journey with “Hands that are waiting”, where Juan Carlos, a vineyard operator, will show you the following phases after pruning: weeping and overflowing. Both occur naturally, conditioned by pruning, which marked their optimal growth.

It is a beautiful time in the vineyard, in which spring and its temperature mark the beginning of its vegetative cycle, completely changing the color of its landscape.

We invite you to continue sharing our passion for wine and to know all the time and effort that goes into each vintage.

We remind you that in our YouTube Channel you can find compiled all the chapters that we are sharing.

We hope you enjoy it.

“Manos”, The series that shows how it is made in the Coto de Rioja

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At the Coto de Rioja we are passionate about what we do, that’s why, and because we believe that the more we know about something, the more we can enjoy it, we decided to launch “Manos”, a new project in which you can follow the laborious natural and artisan work that begins in the vineyard in January, when the vines begin their vegetative cycle, which ends in the winery, with the bottling of the wine.

We want you to meet the people who put all their enthusiasm and effort into each process that is carried out so that it results in the final quality of the wine, and that you see the path that our wines travel until they are ready for your glass, a task that depends on of its kind, can last between one and five years

Thus, through a series of chapters lasting a maximum of 3 minutes, the wine will narrate in first person the different processes that the artisans of El Coto carry out to ensure that it reaches its highest quality.

Here you can see the first chapter, “Hands that prune”, in which we tell the beginning of the life cycle of wine with pruning, one of the oldest activities in its production, which is carried out only with artisan scissors. in the middle of the winter.

We hope you like it.

We present our new semi-sweet white

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We are very happy to present our new white: El Coto Semidulce.

This wine stands out for the balance between the characteristic sweetness of semisweets and the vibrant freshness that characterizes the whites from El Coto.

It is ideal for the aperitif moment and as an accompaniment to rice dishes, vegetables and pasta, as well as foie gras, baked fish and grilled seafood.

The semi-sweet Coto has been made with grapes from Viura, the predominant white variety in Rioja, and Chardonnay, from our Finca Carboneras, the highest vineyard planted in the D.O.Ca. Rioja.

With this wine, El Coto de Rioja continues its commitment to the development of D.O.Ca. Rioja, becoming one of the wineries with the largest offer in the Denomination.

Our new label

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We recently presented our new label to you, but we want you to know more about this new image.

This new label is handcrafted, and is born from the design of Salvatore Adduci, which was later hand-engraved by the screenprinter Ricardo Berriobeña. With it we want to represent the crafts with which we make our wines. Both the exterior design and the interior of each bottle have been created by artisans.

A change in which two things remain intact: our wines and venison as an iconic element of the winery.

As a novelty, we expanded the landscape by recreating works of art and real scenes from the group’s wineries, such as the sculpture of the deer that greets the visitor at the entrance to El Coto de Rioja, the work of Josechu Lalanda or the Imaz Monastery in Mendavia. We have also included the heraldic shield of Imaz.

Finally, the engraving acts as a link between the different brands of the winery. Each one includes a fragment on its label, except for Coto Real, the winery’s most exclusive wine, whose label is a complete reproduction of the work.

This gives each brand a unique personality. We hope that you like the result as much as we do, and that it helps you appreciate our way of working.

Thank you.


New campaign: Wine artisans

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Our new campaign has already come to light, in which we show you some of the details, people, landscapes and elements that make our wine possible.

At El Coto we consider ourselves artisans, as we try to maintain tradition in each of our processes. And this time we wanted to represent it taking as protagonists the hands of the artisans who intervene in its creation.

From the care of the vineyard, to our new label, we add value to everything we do through our hands. They talk about who we are, their wrinkles convey the effort and the hours we dedicate to our passion. They are the tireless tools that always accompany us in this arduous but rewarding work.

And working like this, with our hands, is how we get to be what we are: artisans of wine.

We hope you like it.

Thank you.

Coto Real, Best Rioja Wine

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The jury of the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), made up of 400 experts, awarded our Coto Real wine the Rioja Trophy 2016 award.

This recognition affirms that Coto Real Reserva is within its category the wine that best defines what a Rioja is among all the wines submitted to the competition.

This wine is made with grapes from our own vineyards in Rioja Alta. A superior quality from ancient vineyards that have great qualitative potential.

Some tasting notes from the jury about Coto Real:

Dark crimson red with a garnet rim. Very young nose, with aromas of bramble fruits, smoky nuances, mocha, tea and warm spices. Wonderful density on the palate, intense cherry and blackcurrant flavors with fine, ripe tannins, and judicious use of oak. Perfect balance and depth, it is a progressive and modern style impressive in its perfection.


We invite you to try it out and share your feelings with us if you haven’t already.

Thank you.

El coto de Rioja Spanish Winery of the year 2016

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We are very happy to inform you that El Coto de Rioja has been the winner of the Award for the best Spanish winery of the year at the International Wine & amp; Spirit Competition (IWSC), one of the most prestigious awards in the wine industry worldwide.

The winners were announced at a gala that took place on November 16 in London. El Coto de Rioja, thanks to the 7 medals obtained, prevailed in the category of Spanish wineries over the other 4 finalist candidates.


The prestigious IWSC was born to seek and reward excellence in the wine and spirits industry, and receives samples from some 90 countries around the world. A jury made up of 400 experts determines the best in each category.

As you can imagine, it is a great pride for us to have received these awards from such a wide competition.

We want to thank our entire team for their work, and you, for trusting our winery.

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