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We present you The Coto Masterclass

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The Coto Masterclass arises from the interest that a part of consumers have in knowing more about the world of wine. But, often, this desire turns into frustration, or worse, into withdrawal, since the content available is often excessively technical.

To make it easier for the consumer to get started in the world of wine, we have created El Coto Masterclass. This project, in its initial phase, consists of 11 1-minute chapters in which the tasting process is explained in a close and different way and how, through each phase, to differentiate a wine.

The contents will be accessible in:

We hope that this initiative will allow us to connect with new consumers, and in this way, transmit to them the values ​​that have made El Coto de Rioja the leading winery in the D.O.Ca Rioja.

875 M Finca carbonera. Gold medal at the baco awards and gold medal at the bacchus awards

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In its first vintage, the barrel-aged 875 m continues to be recognized for its quality. In addition to the gold medal already won at the Bacchus awards, the wine now boasts the Baco gold medal as well, awarded by the Spanish Wine Tasting Union.

875 m is made with Chardonnay from our Finca Carbonera vineyard, the highest vineyard in La Rioja. Its passage through new French oak barrels with very light toasted notes adds complexity and smoothness, without losing its distinguishing freshness.

Coto Mayor Rosado


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Coto Mayor Rosado 2017 has been awarded the Gran Baco de Oro Prize at the Spanish Wine Tasting Union (UEC) Young Wines competition. Through a blind tasting process, the UEC awarded just seven Grandes Bacos de Oro out of 520 participating wines, and Coto Mayor was the only rosé among the top winners.

Coto Mayor is a lightly crushed rosé made mostly with Garnacha from our Finca Los Almendros vineyard. It has a subtle color with a pale pink hue. Its exuberant nose suggests cherries and berries. In the palate, it is delicate, fresh, intense and sweet.

875 M Finca carbonera,the summit of white wine

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Our commitment to our own vineyard together with the belief in the potential of white varieties in the D.O.Ca Rioja led our technical team to launch into the search for a farm that would meet the optimal requirements for an exclusive white wine project. After years of effort and hundreds of kilometers traveled, they found the ideal place: Finca Carbonera ( is ).

Why is this farm so special?

Its vineyards are at an average altitude of 825 meters, which makes it the highest vineyard in the appellation, its soil has all the conditions to make great wines, and its marked continental climate brings a characteristic freshness to the wines .

In addition, to take full advantage of all the advantages that the land provides to the quality of the grape, we built a winery in the vineyard itself that allows us to process it immediately after being harvested, keeping all its qualities intact.

The new fruit of Finca Carbonera

There, at the heart of our whites project, a wine is born with its own personality that synthesizes the innovative and non-conformist spirit that led us to embark on this adventure: 875 m Finca Carbonera, a white whose name honors the elevation to which it His vineyard has been planted, the highest in the entire DOCa Rioja.

Its careful production process results in a very special wine: the French oak barrels chosen for fermentation fully respect the fruity aromas of the variety and the delicacy of this Chardonnay, while at the same time giving it a marked unctuousness and aromatic complexity. , combining the notes of tropical fruit (pineapple) with a delicate aroma of vanilla.

Below you can see a video in which we tell you more about our new project.

El coto Crianza Garnacha.The trendy ink variety

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After years of work in our vineyards and in the winery, we present you El Coto Crianza Garnacha.

Made with grapes of the Garnacha variety from our vineyard “Los Almendros”, this wine combines our experience accumulated over almost 50 years making wines aged in oak barrels, with the characteristics of one of the most popular varieties in the world.

Garnacha for years was a variety reviled for its complicated viticulture, but elaborated and aged in barrels according to its delicate and complex character, it results in very pleasant wines, with lots of fruit and good body, very much in line with what the consumer asks for. current.

Our technical team has focused its work in the winery on making a wine that respects the character of the Garnacha de Rioja without losing the style of the barrel-aged wine that characterizes El Coto de Rioja. For this we have selected barrels with different toasts that add complexity and structure, while maintaining the fresh and easy-to-drink character of the variety.

In this way, El Coto Crianza Garnacha 2015 was born, a fresh and balsamic wine with delicate aromas of cherry and red fruit, combined with mocha and cocoa. A perfect wine to pair with … yours.

Verdejo in the D.O.C.A Rioja? Yes, the COTO Verdejo

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We have launched the first Verdejo monovarietal white in the D.O.Ca Rioja. A wine that combines the essence of this variety with the characteristic freshness of Finca Carbonera, the highest vineyard in the D.O.Ca. Rioja.

This innovation has been possible thanks to our strong commitment to our own vineyard as a key element in the authenticity of our wines and to our confidence in the potential of white varieties in the D.O.Ca Rioja.

After years of searching for a farm that would meet the optimal climatic and soil requirements for the production of white wines, “Finca Carbonera” emerged, an enclave, at an average altitude of 800 meters, privileged for the cultivation of white varieties, since its conditions they give the wines high acidity and great minerality.

From this environment and this philosophy, El Coto Verdejo 2017 was born, a wine that has tropical aromas where fruit and fennel have a great presence. Intense, fresh and elegant, on the palate it is unctuous, mineral and sweet where the hints of fresh fruit appear again.

A wine of which we are especially proud, and that we hope you like it as much as we did creating it.

The El Coto de Rioja online store is now open to the public

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The Barón de Ley Group begins to distribute its wines through the internet in its own online store.

A new space in which customers can find in the same place, in addition to El Coto de Rioja, the wines of the rest of the wineries that comprise it: Barón de Ley in D.O.Ca. Rioja and Museum in D.O. Cigales.

This wide variety of wines can also be found in more exclusive formats such as gift boxes or special presentations, perfect for important occasions.

Shipments are made to the entire peninsula. As for shipping costs, they are free from € 100 purchase.

El Coto de Rioja inaugurates an exclusive winery for white wines

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The winery, located in the highest vineyard in the D.O.Ca. Rioja, will allow the grape to be processed immediately after being harvested. The opening event was attended by the President of the Government of La Rioja and various personalities from La Rioja.

The project began more than 10 years ago, with the search for a farm that would meet the optimal climate and soil requirements for an exclusive white wine project. The result is “Finca Carbonera” located in the Riojan town of Bergasa. A farm, at an average altitude of 850 meters where there are currently 91 hectares of Verdejo, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, and in which, it is planned to reach 170 hectares in 2020.

In order to achieve the highest quality of the grapes, a winery has been built in the vineyard itself. This allows the grapes to be processed immediately after being harvested, to later transport the must to the wineries for processing. In this way, all the qualities of the grape are kept intact, avoiding oxidation and the extraction of polyphenols that occur during transport at high temperatures.

For this, the latest technological advances have been incorporated into the winery, always with the focus on maintaining the freshness of the grape, and preventing its oxidation. In this sense, inert dams stand out, and the use of inert gases

Grupo Barón de Ley, is made up of the wineries El Coto de Rioja and Barón de Ley, both belonging to the D.O.Ca. Rioja, Museum in the D.O. Cigales, and the Iberian sausage company Dehesa Barón de Ley.

Chapter V. Watching Hands

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In chapter 5 of our series, we return after the topping and the undressing ( to a full vineyard Jose Mari, our artisan, becomes an attentive observer of the bunches during veraison, the stage in which the grapes stop growing to begin their maturation.Our bunches need sunlight and summer heat to carry out this process correctly, and with these elements and the help of Jose Mari, they will change color until they finally reveal that they are ripe.The end of veraison is the most reliable indicator of a very important moment in the life of the vineyard. Do you want to know what it is? We reveal it to you in “Observing Hands”. We hope you enjoy it.

Chapter IV. Hands that stand out and bare

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VINES AND SWORDS IN “HANDS THAT STEP AND SHAKE” The fourth chapter of our series is here: “Hands that tip and strip”. Only a few weeks after the green pruning, in which we saw how our artisans selected the best shoots of each vine, we returned to the vineyard, which looks green and lush again, to continue our work.This time we will see two very important processes : topping and stripping. The first one, topping, is one of the most spectacular that happens in our lands, in which artisans work equipped with swords; and the deniete, which receives this curious name since it consists of eliminating the third generation shoots of each strain. Do you want to know what they do it for? Don’t miss this interesting episode.

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