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6 bars and restaurants with terraces to enjoy El Coto in Madrid

We’re always on the lookout for bars and restaurants with a terrace in Madrid. Even more so if there's the chance of enjoying a decent wine like El Coto de Rioja with a good meal! When we say El Coto, we mean El Coto Crianza, Coto Mayor, Coto de Imaz Reserva, El Coto Verdejo, etc.

If you're looking for inspiration for one of these spring days, in this article we want to recommend 6 bars and restaurants with terraces in Madrid to enjoy El Coto wines, pairing them up with outstanding food such as patatas bravas, a truly traditional cocido stew, a good cut of meat or modern and innovative dishes.

It goes without saying, but please remember to follow the health and safety regulations set by the Regional Government of Madrid.

Bon appétit!

1. La Gran Tasca

Calle de Santa Engracia, 161.


We’re kicking off our recommendations with this restaurant with a terrace in Madrid. Since La Gran Tasca first opened its doors to the public back in 1942, this charming place has become an icon both for the Chamberí neighbourhood and the entire city of Madrid and boasts one of the best cocidos (a traditional stew) in the entire city. The stew comes in two servings: firstly, a delicious soup (of which you can ask for seconds), followed by a platter of chickpeas, two types of blood sausage, bacon, free-range chicken and much more, up to 15 ingredients.

This culinary delight paired with a bottle of our El Coto Crianza is one of our favourite choices for enjoying food that’s truly traditional in Madrid. However, if you prefer white wine, they also have El Coto Verdejo. And if you were wondering, yes, this is the platter you can see in the header!

2. Bodega de la Ardosa

Calle de Santa Engracia, 70. 


Staying in the same neighbourhood, we come to this tavern with over 100 years of history, brimming with life, which is also one of the Chamberí bars that boasts a terrace, making it ideal for taking in the neighbourhood atmosphere in springtime with a glass of El Coto in hand.

Although, if there’s one thing La Ardosa is famous form it’s their patatas bravas: home-made, delicious… and pretty spicy! They also have a range of traditional fare, such as zarajos (lamb intestines wrapped around a grape vine), torreznos (pork scratchings) or pickled anchovies. We promise that this is an absolute “must” in Madrid, with traditional dishes and reasonable prices. All of what they have on offer would go perfectly with Coto Mayor or El Coto Crianza. These are wines that you can enjoy in the tavern, or buy them there to enjoy at home.

Fun fact: this tavern was founded in 1892 and its painted tiles are period originals, created by the acclaimed ceramicist Alfonso Romero.

3. El Gallo Canta

Calle de Jesús, 2.
Barrio de las Cortes

Moving on to the Las Cortes neighbourhood, we come to a modern, sophisticated and cosy tavern. They describe themselves as “specialists in free-range eggs, select pork from Teruel and simple cuisine based around seasonal produce.”

At El Gallo Canta they have a menu to whet your appetite, with star dishes such as pork tenderloin or pork shoulder in “salsa rusticana”, which they make themselves (you can even get some to go!), and some of our outstanding wines to go with your food, such as Coto Mayor, El Coto Verdejo and 875m Chardonnay. Do you fancy trying it out and telling us what you think?

4. Marta Cariño

Calle de Silva, 4.
Palacio / Universidad

Marta Cariño is a hip and fun option for enjoying a bar with a terrace in the heart of Madrid. On Calle Silva, just a stone's throw from Gran Vía, there’s a two-storey venue with different spaces.

In terms of the restaurant, you can sample top-quality modern dishes, such as a carpaccio of Iberian pork shoulder with crispy cheese bites and a creamy almond and foie gras soup, which goes divinely with our Coto Mayor.

Or what about arroz caldoso del capitán (a broth with rice, scarlet prawns, monkfish and razor clams) paired with El Coto Verdejo? You can enjoy these dishes and many other mouth-watering delights paired with our wines, and finish the evening off with a cocktail on their terrace. Without a shadow of a doubt, a fail-safe plan.

5. Taxi a Manhattan

Calle de la Basílica, 17.

Tetuán / Azca

Modern, laid-back food. A different and original venue. Food for all tastes. Taxi a Manhattan is all of this and much more, a restaurant that sets out to “research and import all the most original flavours from the trending neighbourhoods in New York: Brooklyn, Soho, Nolita, China Town and Little Italy”.

What we love about their menu is the hamburgers: once you try one, you’ll be hooked! And nothing goes better with a good hamburger than a good wine. If you’re more into fish, you just have to try their red tuna tartar or their griddled octopus with mojo rojo sauce, paired with El Coto Semidulce.

6. Ferreiro

Paseo de la Florida, 15.

Moncloa - Aravaca

Feito, Manolo and Ernesto are the three brothers that hail from a line of restaurateurs from Asturias, who have been operating in Madrid for over 40 years. Restaurante Ferreiro, on Paseo de la Florida, was the first venue they opened in the city.

Their menu contains a range of high-quality seasonal produce, deeply rooted in traditional cuisine but with a contemporary flair. Gizzards sautéd with porcini mushrooms over a foie gras demi-glacé, Santoña anchovies, cured beef from León, cachopo “Ferreiro”, (two veal fillets stuffed with Iberian ham and Vidiago cheese, bread-crumbed and fried) or a delicious line-caught hake, are just some of the dishes you can find on their extensive menu.

A tavern where you’ll feel right at home, and where you can wash down some of their dishes with an incredible Coto de Imaz.