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875 M Finca carbonera,the summit of white wine

Our commitment to our own vineyard together with the belief in the potential of white varieties in the D.O.Ca Rioja led our technical team to launch into the search for a farm that would meet the optimal requirements for an exclusive white wine project. After years of effort and hundreds of kilometers traveled, they found the ideal place: Finca Carbonera ( is ).

Why is this farm so special?

Its vineyards are at an average altitude of 825 meters, which makes it the highest vineyard in the appellation, its soil has all the conditions to make great wines, and its marked continental climate brings a characteristic freshness to the wines .

In addition, to take full advantage of all the advantages that the land provides to the quality of the grape, we built a winery in the vineyard itself that allows us to process it immediately after being harvested, keeping all its qualities intact.

The new fruit of Finca Carbonera

There, at the heart of our whites project, a wine is born with its own personality that synthesizes the innovative and non-conformist spirit that led us to embark on this adventure: 875 m Finca Carbonera, a white whose name honors the elevation to which it His vineyard has been planted, the highest in the entire DOCa Rioja.

Its careful production process results in a very special wine: the French oak barrels chosen for fermentation fully respect the fruity aromas of the variety and the delicacy of this Chardonnay, while at the same time giving it a marked unctuousness and aromatic complexity. , combining the notes of tropical fruit (pineapple) with a delicate aroma of vanilla.

Below you can see a video in which we tell you more about our new project.