An image for history

Handcrafted engraving

More than a symbol

We have transferred all the love and all the effort we put into the development of our wine to the image that we want to project. The basis of our new labels is a handcrafted engraving that incorporates details directly linked to our history. It is much more than a symbol.

Flecha negra

The basis of our new labels is a natural vignette with iconic elements for El Coto de Rioja. The engraving includes the deer that receives visitors at the entrance to the winery or the Monastery of Imaz, emblematic and historical elements that now also form part of our presentations.

The engraving on our labels

Each one of the El Coto de Rioja brands reflects a portion of the original engraving. This establishes a comparison with our own trajectory which has been developed by combining effort and willpower to obtain a perfect working structure. The exception is Coto Real, our most exclusive wine, whose label is a complete reproduction of the original work.

El Coto

Coto Mayor

Coto de Imaz

Coto Real