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Traditionally, La Rioja was noted for a certain degree of independence between the various players involved in the Designation of Origin. In this way, the wineries, wine producers and bottlers paid little attention to the vineyards and vine growers (either as independent growers or grouped together in co-operatives) and vice versus.

Today these traditional ways of operating have changed and, in our case, investment in own vineyards has become a priority, for the simple purpose of controlling the process right from the grapevine to the wine glass. Healthy, fine quality, ripe grapes is a sine qua non condition for great wines.

Over the 20th century, the figure of the vine grower or, rather, that of the farmer of old, has gradually faded (with the exodus from rural to urban life, for many, agriculture has become a complementary activity) and this makes it all the more important to professionalise vineyard management. The fact is that our Bodega has had its own vineyards right from the outset, with the planting of our first hectares at Cenicero.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, control over the entire wine-making process, starting at the grapevine, also gives us independence by guaranteeing a stable supply. The process starts with the selection of the plots of land (based on soil type and location), but it also involves using the most modern means available to help combine age-old Riojan traditions with the very latest advances in viticulture:

- Selection of plots, returning vines to their traditional place of growth: on the hill slopes.
- Plantation by GPS, giving the vineyard the best possible orientation.
- Selection of varieties, based on the estate climate and soil conditions, but also following the guidelines set by our own Department of Oenology (this is the case for the Maturana and Graciano varieties, which carry considerable weight in our vineyards).
- Trellis training (wire trained), in order to improve the photosynthesis process by increasing the canopy, raising the grape bunches off the ground and so avoiding problems associated with dampness and preparing the vines for mechanical harvesting.
- Timely attention to vineyard requirements, by our team in order to provide specific care to each and every vineyard, using the best available means.
- Selected low-yielding clones from our own estates, for new plantations.

Thanks to this policy, our vineyard is outstanding, not only for the surface area covered, with more than 500 hectares for the Coto de Rioja, but for many other reasons too: our vineyard of Los Almendros, planted on the hill slopes, is the highest and largest estate in the Rioja designation of Origin; and we have also revived age-old varieties such as the Maturana. Whatever adage is used, the fact is that it is here at the vineyard, where the wine-making process starts.

Los Almendros:
An estate located in Ausejo (Rioja Baja), at an altitude of approximately 460 metres and covering some 300 hectares, making it the largest in the D.O.Ca Rioja. It took us ten years to acquire the small plots adjacent to the original estate, which had an area of just over 100 hectares and was dedicated to almond growing, as denoted by its name (Los Almendros - the almond trees).

This estate, featuring terraces carved into the hill, has more than 100 hectares dedicated to Tempranillo, 100 hectares to Garnacha, and the Graciano and Maturana varieties are also grown. It exemplifies the revival of the mountain viticulture referred to earlier, with 10 hectares of Garnacha planted in the traditional system of terraces.

The initiative shown by El Coto de Rioja to explore new terrain and climates within La Rioja in order to enhance the wealth of wine styles offered, has recently taken us to CARBONERA, in the municipality of Bergasa, close to Tudelilla, where we have just invested in a new property with 500 hectares of land.

The estate is located at an altitude 0f 700 metres and is an ideal place for planting and growing the new white grape varieties that were recently authorised by the Rioja Wine Board.

Within the next three years at the latest, we expect to have some 200 hectares of vineyards which are certain to provide grapes of an exceptional quality, adding greater aroma and freshness to our white wines.

Cenicero :
“Las XV”, “El Barco”, “Carboneras”, “Valdesalomón”, “Lasanta”, “Matarredo”, “El Chaparral”
The first of our properties, with a total of 100 hectares dedicated to Tempranillo and 4 hectares to Graciano. The oldest vineyards were planted in the sixties, although the majority were planted in the eighties at an altitude of 450 metres in the village of Cenicero, set in the heart of the Rioja Alta.

Logroño-Oyón, Yécora and el Villar de Álava
Scattered across a number of places in the Rioja Alavesa (at Oyón, alongside our Bodega, at Yécora and at Villar de Álava), we have a total of 55 hectares of which 48 are dedicated to Tempranillo and 7 to Graciano. The vineyards are at an altitude of 430 metres at Oyón, reaching 550 metres at Yécora. This low altitude in this part of Rioja Alavesa results in a more Mediterranean influence. All the soils are limestone clay.

In addition to the grapes from our own vineyards, we also need to purchase grapes from other growers and this still accounts for a high percentage of our production. For this reason, our team also advises and supervises the development of our suppliers' vineyards (and in some cases this includes vinification), setting the schedule for activities at the vineyard (pruning, removing the lateral shoots, pest and disease control …) and deciding when the grapes have reached optimum ripeness. Although grapes are acquired from all three sub-regions, the greatest percentage comes from the northern part of the D.O.Ca Rioja. We also use a mathematical formula to set the price of the grapes, in order to ensure that quality is rewarded.

In 2004 the company Viñedos Barón de Ley, S.L. was formed for optimum management of the vineyards coming under the Barón de Ley Group. This company is the owner of all the Group's vine-growing holdings.

And we cannot end this section without mentioning Fernando and José María, our team of agricultural engineers who have made all this possible. As well as being highly qualified, they also have considerable hands-on experience and are extremely knowledgeable about this valley, which is their homeland.
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