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Location: Rioja Alta
Altitude: 434 Metres
D.O.Ca: Rioja Alta
Extensión: 33 Hectare
     - Tempranillo

This vineyard, located in the heart of Rioja Alta, was planted 35 years ago in a 33 ha plot and is in a privileged area influenced by an Atlantic type climate, making it an ideal place for winegrowing.

The pruning method in this estate was changed 10 years ago from a goblet to a trellis system with the aim of achieving an optimum distribution of clusters and good sun exposure.

As a result, mature and fully healthy grapes are obtained, harvested using boxes, from which a complex and stable wine with an elegant aroma is made. It is perfect for aging.

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Camino Viejo de Logroño, 26 - 01320 Oyón (Álava) España
Tfno. +34 945 622 216 - Fax. +34 945 622 315
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