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Location: Ausejo
Altitude: 300 Metres
D.O.Ca: Rioja Baja
Extensión: 450 Hectare
     - Garnacha
- Graciano
- Maturana
- Tempranillo

This estate is located in Ausejo, within the subzone of Rioja Baja, at an approximate altitude of 450m and covers a surface area of over 300 hectares, making it the largest estate in D.O.Ca Rioja.

It was originally used for growing almond trees, as its name suggests (Los Almendros - Almond Trees), and it only covered 100 ha. Ten years on, we have been able to acquire the adjacent small plots.

This vineyard is influenced by a Mediterranean type climate, with an average rainfall of 300 mm and an average temperature of 13.5ºC. Perfect grape maturation is achieved thanks to the sunny winters and hot summers. Rosé wines are made from the 100 ha of the Garnacha variety grown in its clay soil. These Rosé wines are aromatic, fresh on the palate, and have a low acidity level. Over 100 hectares of Tempranillo are also grown in this estate, which together with the Graciano and the Maturana varieties provide fresh red wines. Their suitable alcohol content, colour and body help the aging process.

The ten hectares of Garnacha planted on terraced mountain terrain are proof of the recovery process that traditional mountain winegrowing – the terrace system - is experiencing.

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