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Location: Bergasa
Altitude: 850 Metres
D.O.Ca: Rioja Baja
Extensión: 200 Hectare
     - Verdejo
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Chardonnay

The interest of El Coto de Rioja in exploring new types of land and climates in La Rioja with the aim of enhancing the nuances of our wines has taken us to CARBONERA, a small village in Rioja Baja, within the municipality of Bergasa near Tudelilla, where we have acquired a new estate covering 500 ha of land.

The estate is above an altitude of 840 m, surrounded by an extensive oak grove, and located in an ideal place to plant and grow the new varieties of white grapes that have been approved by the C.R.Ca Rioja, such as the Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay varieties.

The soil in this striking piece of land has a pH level lower than 6. Its high acidity and mineralization, as well as the influence of the Continental type climate, provide this estate with an amazing freshness, where we expect to grow vines giving exceptional quality grapes that will add further aroma and freshness to our white wines.

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