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Location: El Villar de Álava
Altitude: 585 Metres
D.O.Ca: Rioja Alavesa
Extensión: 10 Hectare
     - Tempranillo

This Tempranillo vineyard has a surface area of 10 ha and is planted at an altitude of 585 metres in El Villar de Alava. Sheltered by the Cantabria mountain range, it stands out due to the fact that there are very few plots with over 1 ha of surface area amongst the broken terrain within the area.

This smooth hillside with limestone-clay soil is an ideal plot for winegrowing. The summers in this area are short and the winters are warm. As a result, this vineyard produces wines with medium alcohol content and moderate total acidity that are transformed into fresh and balanced wines after aging in barrels.

In this area, which is overflowing with history, we can find prehistoric settlements and dolmens, such as those in Encinal and Hechicera located at just a few metres from the plot.

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