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The Rioja Wine Regulatory Board is responsible for protecting and promoting the fine quality and good name of Rioja wines, guaranteeing their authenticity.
The Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin (D.O.Ca) is easy to demarcate.

It is a south-east oriented valley formed by the river Ebro (one of its tributaries, the river Oja - Río Oja - gave Rioja its name). It is bordered to the north by the Sierra de Cantabria, to the south by the Sierra de la Demanda and the Cameros area, and is open to the east which has a more Mediterranean influence.

Already in 1926, although it is also possible to find much earlier mentions and references to the valley of La Rioja as a wine producing area, there was a drive to create a Wine Regulatory Board to protect and promote the quality and good name of Rioja wines, whilst preventing the counterfeiting of the "Rioja" brand name.

However, for a number of reasons, the Regulatory Board was not actually created until 1953. Later on, in 1970 the Designation of Origin Regulation was approved, giving the Board its present-day structure and functions.

The area is extensive and diverse and for this reason it has been divided into three sub-zones:

- Rioja Alta, or High Rioja, in the northern part of the Designation, except for Rioja Alavesa which stretches along both banks of the river Ebro as far as Logroño.

- Rioja Alavesa, the part of Rioja situated on the north bank of the river Ebro, on the slopes of the Sierra de Cantabria, and which administratively pertains to Alava. This is where El Coto de Rioja is located.

- Rioja Baja, or Low Rioja, in the south-eastern part of the Designation, on both banks of the river Ebro (which acts as a border between Navarre and La Rioja). Here the land is lower, with a greater Mediterranean influence.

Each zone has its own specific climate and soil, all being excellent for vine growing and for the production of superb quality wines. Rioja wines have traditionally been a blend or coupage of grapes coming from each of the three sub-zones, and which blend together perfectly.

Whilst the traditional styles of wine are still maintained, the present-day Designation of Origin wines reflect market preferences, in the sense that they are showing a greater tendency towards producing wines which portray the specific character of each particular sub-zone.

This is also present to a certain extent in our own range of wines. Whilst the El Coto label is a blend of grapes from all three sub-zones, with a higher percentage of grapes from Rioja Alavesa, Coto de Imaz focuses on Rioja Alta and Coto Real is created from grapes harvested in small plots of land located in Labraza, Yécora and Oyón, with old vine stock and low yields.
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