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Newsletter - February 2011
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6th an­nual Plon­ka­pa­loo­za tas­ting

The last October the 6th annual Plonkapalooza tasting was held. Basically it follows a blind tasting format, and the wines are chosen by several MA retailers that select their best values, all under the auspices of the Boston Globe and Stephen Meuse. 50 wines (25 white and 25 reds) are chosen and then the winners announced. Who are the tasters? Local well experienced and prestigious sommeliers from MA. What do they search? Versatile, appetizing, readily available wines.

And we are proud to say that our El Coto Crianza is the only Spanish wine coming up in the magic 5 (all of them European wines by the way, shift of taste?).

Visit in The Boston Globe

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Fre­de­ri­ck Wild­man Port­fo­lio tas­ting

On the 15th of September past our US importer, Frederick Wildman (www.frederickwildman.com), held its annual portfolio tasting run by the NY Wholesale division at Gustovino's under the Queensboro bridge.

We were happy to take part with some of the world's most respected producers and get to know the increasing interest for Spanish wines in general and ours in particular.

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