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El Coto de Rioja is the leading D.O.Ca Rioja brand, always at the cutting edge of Spanish wines. We are proud to be the preferred Crianza of the Spanish and also to be present at the best tables in some 50 countries.
Although El Coto is a relatively young Bodega, it is already one of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin (D.O.Ca) leaders. In the domestic market, no sales promotions or publicity campaigns have been necessary for El Coto to silently become the preferred Rioja Crianza of the Spanish, whilst, in the international market, El Coto is present at the best tables and wine lists in some 50 countries.

About one third of our 120,000 m2 plot of land is built on. Each building is equipped with temperature and humidity controls and is purpose-specific (winemaking, barrel ageing, bottle racks, warehouse and bottling line). The most recently created buildings are named after those people who have played a key role in the development of the Bodega.

Given the fact that all our red wines are barrel aged, our stock of barrels is one of the greatest in the Rioja D.O.Ca and in the world, with almost 70,000 barrels and a low average age of just slightly over 3 years.

We are always proud to highlight the loyalty, involvement and commitment of our team of staff who have all helped to make this Bodega what it is today. Each glass of our wine stands for collective effort, team work, starting in the vineyard itself and with no greater reward than the satisfaction of those drinking our wines. We trust that we've achieved this.

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Camino Viejo de Logroño, 26 - 01320 Oyón (Álava) España
Tfno. +34 945 622 216 - Fax. +34 945 622 315
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